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Offer Compromise

  • An IRS Offer in Compromise allows taxpayers that can’t afford to fully pay their back tax liability to settle their tax debt for less money than owed. Qualifying for an Offer in Compromise can reduce IRS debt and save you thousands!

  • The IRS sets guidelines for accepting an Offer in Compromise. They will evaluate whether the offer in Compromise should be taken. The IRS looks at a taxpayer’s past, current, and future financial situation. We need to learn and know what aspects of your situation the IRS is looking out for when filing an Offer of Compromise. You are not guaranteed qualification because each person’s financial situation differs.

  • Taxpayers must remain compliant after satisfying the terms of an Offer in Compromise or risk all taxes being reassessed.

  •  Offer in Compromise will help you resolve any back taxes, allowing you to start fresh.
Offer Compromise to IRS